Top Five Hypnosis Fears

Many people have hypnosis fears and doubts because they just don’t understand it.

Before a hypnosis session, I will ask my clients what their past experience has been. These are the top five fears that I hear:

1. I will get STUCK in hypnosis!

Wouldn’t you think, if someone was permanently stuck in hypnosis, that it would make the news? What can happen though is that people like it there. They want to stay in that delicious feeling of relaxation just a bit longer before opening their eyes.

2. I will do wild and crazy things!

I know, you’ve seen a stage show and watched the participants cluck like a chicken and dance like Madonna. Truth is, they are having lots of fun and chose to follow the hypnotist’s suggestions.

3. I will reveal all my darkest secrets.

Hypnosis is NOT truth serum. If something happens that your conscious mind is uncomfortable with, you will wake up in an instant. On the other hand, you will likely have a deep feeling of trust for your hypnotist and will allow the hypnosis to take place.

4. I will lose consciousness!

Actually you are hyper conscious and completely focused on the task at hand. This is why a stage hypnotist can get the desired reactions with a snap of the finger, clap of the hands or one softly spoken word.

5. I will be brainwashed.

No, it’s more like being led down a garden path by someone you trust to a predetermined destination. Your conscious mind will not allow suggestions that are unethical to enter.

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