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Bilateral Tones

Transformational Network has created a unique technology in using Bilateral Tones to support you to reconfigure your brain in such a way that you begin to feel a new sense of self and well-being.

The Bilateral Tones on the MP3s are believed by researchers to create biochemical changes in the brain that aid in processing information. Theorists suggest that the mode of action, where emotional memory is located, occurs in the Limbic System, where the Amygdala and the Hippocampus are located. It is the Amygdala that regulates emotional states of the brain.

The alternating tones on the MP3s boast the brain’s ability to process with the whole brain: the emotional right brain and the logical left brain. You can probably remember when you heard yourself, inside, tell you not to say anymore, but you could not stop yourself. Your emotional right brain had a mind of it’s own and over ruled your logic. And of course, that happens in the reverse as well, where the emotional right brain takes over. Bilateral Tones are thought to unblock energy locked in your body.

Bilateral Tonesseem to be activating unconscious capabilities for changing information in the form of thoughts and feelings. Researches found that bilateral tones can stimulate relaxation. The Bilateral Tones might also work by allowing the brain to release endorphins.

By using these highly effective guided imagery MP3s your brain begins to work in harmony. You not only understand what is keeping you from your goals in all areas of your life, but you begin to feel relief and start changing your life.

The use of Bilateral Tones, guided imagery, and the special blended and enhanced music that has been recorded to sound like the “Mozart Effect”, supports the body and the mind to relax and change thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

Transformational Network MP3s help you to achieve a focused attention which allows you to begin to change your life. These MP3s are designed to be listened through stereo headphones, so you will have an optimal experience as these Bilateral Tones go right to left in the headphones as you listen and begin to create the images of the life you want.

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