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About Guided Imagery

Guided Imagery and Self Hypnosis MP3s That Use The Innovative New Technique of Bilateral Tones

 Guided imagery is about using mental imagery in a deeply relaxed state of mind, guided by someone or listening to a guided imagery MP3, who takes you through the experience. Guided imagery takes place in an altered state of relaxed focus. This state of mind is deeply relaxed and yet you are alert is you need to be. Brain waves slow down considerably from our normal waking consciousness. We are naturally at this relaxed level just as we wake up before opening our eye, or as we begin to fall asleep. Guided Imagery, combined with soothing music, can bring about the state of mind and body most conducive to healing-deep relaxation and true focus. Guided imagery can also be used to release tension, anxiety, past hurts, and a variety of negative emotional states. And it feels good!

The new technique of Bilateral Tones can actually change your brain, in a positive permanent way, to work with you. The alternating rhythmic tones that you hear on this MP3, when using headphones, supports you brain patterns to reconfigure, to change in a very affirming and positive way. The tone slows down the neurological pathways in the brain. As the “firing” slow down, the brain becomes more programmable. Until now, this area of the brain has been programmed to continue to recreate old outdated conditions, emotions, behaviors and responses in life.

On these MP3s, you will hear metered tones, very gentle music and the gentleness of my voice. I am Pamela Brockman with Transformational Network, using words of relaxation, simple guided imagery, and positive and accepting affirmations. Listen to these MP3s and you will NOW begin to experience your life differently, positively and permanently. You begin to allow yourself to respond in new ways, ways that are healthy and life affirming, ways you choose.

Avoid the delay. Listen to the Guided imagery & self-hypnosis MP3s right now.
Downloading is simply and easy way to immediately begin changing your life.
Our MP3s are in high quality. File sizes are about 53MB, and fast accessibility via our server.

When you’ve ordered you will receive the download password, and the file could be with you more quickly than waiting for the mailman. Bear in mind, on a slow modem it could take over three hours to download.
you can simply play it on your computer, or copy it to your very own CD, to play the CD anywhere.

Guarantee Guarantee We offer a 100% guarantee of satisfaction. We want you to feel good and to be happy. And if that is not your experience, we will provide a refund less our shipping charges. If you buy a MP3, and are not happy, we will also provide a refund.

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