Self Hypnosis for Weight Loss: Is It Just Willpower?

Is self hypnosis for weight loss just willpower?

Willpower refers to your ability to maintain control over your mind and body.

It is this self discipline and self control that most people initially turn to when they want to lose weight.

For example, Mary has made the decision to lose weight. She creates a meal plan for the week and goes to the grocery store to buy what she needs. On Friday, she is invited to an impromptu after work get-together.

Mary knows that the foods on her carefully prepared meal plan won’t be served there.

She worries about whether or not she will be able to maintain her self control and choose something that isn’t too fattening. If not, she’ll ruin her entire week of diet discipline.

She spends all day thinking of her eating strategy for the evening and tries to bolster her willpower.

She consciously says things to herself like:

“I will not eat the bread”

“I will not have dessert”

The trouble comes in when her subconscious mind responds with “I like the bread and dessert, it makes me feel good.”

She’ll start to argue back, trying to convince herself what not to eat.

She may or may not take the action she wants.

If she gives up on her willpower and chooses to eat dessert, she’ll feel guilty later.

If she passes on the dessert, she’ll be happy with herself.

That thought process sounds exhausting!

It’s one big reason why many diets fail.

What if, instead, Mary didn’t have to go to all that trouble? It just isn’t fun to go through that whole routine. It gets tiring and you give up, maybe even thinking to yourself “I’ll never lose weight”

On the other hand…

You can be sure that the naturally slender person is thinking very differently. Gregg, on the other hand, is invited to the same event. Without even thinking about the food, he decides to go. He realizes it will be fun to socialize with his co-workers and get to know them better.

Gregg is naturally slender and automatically makes choices about what he will eat based on a healthy choice. He stops eating when he is comfortably satisfied and doesn’t worry if the leftover food will go to waste.

Doesn’t that sound so much easier?

Self hypnosis will change your inner chatter so that it agrees with your conscious mind. When your conscious mind says “I make choices about food that are healthy” Your subconscious mind agrees, leading to the behavior that you desire.

Self hypnosis begins in a state of physical relaxation where your critical, conscious mind is also relaxed. Your mind will be more open to accepting suggestions for weight loss.

When you accept these suggestions, you’ll act upon them.

Some like to create their own self hypnosis sessions and others like to use a recorded audio. Choose the method that works for you.

So, is self hypnosis for weight loss just willpower?

No. It’s so much better.

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