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Individual Counseling


My counseling and hypnotherapy services are available on a face to face basis for individuals or couples in the State of Colorado.

My counseling services are to help people to make the changes in their lives that they are ready make. There really is no difference between the terms “counseling” or “psychotherapy” or “therapy”. These terms and services focus on particular issues or life transitions, such as grief, anxiety, depression, or any malaise that one wants to change. The practice of counseling or psychotherapy also can focus on deeper changes in the life experience. Such as how we relate to others and to ourselves. Counseling or psychotherapy can be more problem-focused or you may want to discover more about themselves and to life the best life they can, be the best version of themselves.

I support you to take time finding the right counselor or therapist for you. Make appointments with different therapist and have a list of questions that will be important for you to know. There are many Internet sites that offer you suggestions on how to do just that.

Therapy is confidential.

Notes will be taken after the session so I can keep a record about what we talk about. I do talk to a supervisor who helps me by giving me more ideas on how to be of assistance. This is only other person, besides myself who knows about your personal situation.

My sessions are 60 minutes long or an hour and a half. If we decide to use the technology of EMDR, it would require a longer time. Please read the article on EMDR on this website, or search for articles on “EMDR and the mygdala”. That will help you understand the process.

Also please read the following article on Hypnotherapy. I use a range of techniques and tools that I am trained and certified and are highly helpful and respected to use in my counseling practice. So I call my approach “eclectic”, because I believe therapy begins and ends with the quality of the relationship between you and me.

My intention is that you feel that I truly have some measure of understanding of you; that I care about you; that I am genuine; and that you are safe in this relationship. I am here to promote the changes you want to have happen in your life.

We are all influence my our environment and we influence the environment as well. Thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are complicated and intertwined. Many of our thoughts, emotions and feelings are based in our childhoods. So we are somewhat unconscious on why we do what we do. Therefore, counseling may include multiple goals, some short-term in nature, and some long-term. Perhaps immediate relief by telling your story, or time to explore new ways of thinking and feeling, and behaving.

It is important that you know that this process could take time. Impatience could lead to frustration. Be prepared for the ebb and flow of counseling.

Like many things in life, sometimes things happen fast, and other times, the process is slower. Counseling is a
cooperative effort. You must actively participate, both during the sessions and with “homework” in-between sessions. Please the article on Accountability.

On the highest level of integrity,I will be a mentor, a guide, an assistant and a facilitator with a caring and a objective resource who will reflect your concerns in such a way that it will support you to experience increasing levels of self-awareness, behavior changes, and well-being in your personal growth.

Please feel free to contact me for an initial free consultation. 303-413-9693. Boulder, Colorado Office

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