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Hypnotherapy is a state where the subconscious and conscious parts of the mind begin to work on the same concept at the same time without conflict. Hypnotherapy can be used to eliminate bad habits, to stop smoking, to reduce weight, and to reduce stress. Hypnotherapy has the possibility of supporting the person to release old outdated thoughts and beliefs about the self as well.

Hypnotherapy has long been associated with the strange of the entertainment field. But the truth is that hypnotherapy is not that. In fact, we are in hypnotic states all the time. Just think about driving your car. You know the route and you have gone down the same streets many times. Yet you miss your turn. Actually you “forgot” where you were. This is a natural occurrence and we have “dropped into” a state of the subconscious.

Everything you have learned is stored in our subconscious, actually the thought is that it is stored and routed by the hippocampus and the amygdale in our brains. As you are driving the car, your mind is now free. That is, because the knowledge required for driving exists in your subconscious, so you are safe to drive as you think other thoughts. Driving is only one automatic activity. Whenever you do anything “automatic”, pre-learned, your conscious mind is diverted from your subconscious and you more likely to drop into that hypnotic state.

Although in most circumstances, the subconscious and conscious minds work independently from each other. You have an inner mind which holds thoughts and beliefs that we are not aware of, and it is those thoughts and beliefs that are leading our life… in behaviors and emotions we do not want to exhibit.

As a Hypnotherapist my work is to gently support the mind to work in tandem, to bring the mind into alignment. As the client is willing to co-facilitate the task that is suggested by the therapist, the connection between the conscious and subconscious becomes fluid, allowing for the interchange of thoughts, ideas and information. You then decide what you want to release and what thoughts and ideas you want to keep or create in your life today.

Creating the best version of yourself right now. So, as you change your thinking about yourself, you change your life.

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