Are you Ready for Intimacy?

Are you ready to dedicate yourself to growth and to true intimacy?

There are three things couples do that keep intimacy at bay.

  • by not accepting your feelings,
  • by not telling the truth,
  • and by not keeping agreements.

So how do we move this into positive ways for success in the relationship?

  • by feeling all your feelings (and allowing the other to feel theirs).
  • by telling all the truth… no matter what.
  • by keeping all your agreements.

FEELINGS … When we do not allow ourselves to experience our feelings we are in disharmony to the self. That creates a disjointedness to the relationship.

And guessing what the other is feeling is impossible.

TRUTH… All of it. This is so scary for most of us. And by keeping the romance face alive… it’s nearly impossible. I am not saying that romance is not going to be available in the relationship… quite the contrary.

Romance is essential. We are together to be better people… to actualize… to become our True Selves. And we can only do that when we truthful.

AGREEMENTS… Many upsets in couplehood are about breaking agreements. Confronting this in our partner is very difficult. And it can be done… it must be done. Confrontation to these broken agreements scares us… anything to avoid unpleasantness. We know that many illnesses are a direct results of holding in our emotions, our anger turned inward.

The deal is responsibility… We must open up to every hidden part of ourselves and look within to find out how we are creating the situations we are in. A relationship is between people who are 100% responsible for their lives… Anything else is entanglement.A healthy relationship is one in which both people are absolutely committed to their own wholeness.

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