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Individuals and Couples
Counseling, Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy
Face-to-face in the
Boulder/Denver, Colorado area
-and NOW Worldwide Skype Counseling!
Skype Counseling
Skype Video Counseling is a perfect alternative to face-to-face counseling.

Safe – Convenient – Comfortable
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Self-Transformation requires an inward journey. This journey will free the body, mind, and heart from the past and connect the Present-Now Self with the True Genuine Self.”
 ~Pamela Brockman

Are you ready RIGHT NOW
to change your life?

Now you can Listen

Be the Best Version
of Yourself!

Now you can Listen to
Self-Hypnosis MP3 samples here.

Lose Weight
Stop Smoking
Create Abundance
Lift Depression

EMDR, Trauma Specialist, PTSD and Hypnotherapist

Are you ready RIGHT NOW to change your life?

No matter what is going on in your life, Pamela Brockman can guide you through it. Being a psychotherapist and a counselor all in one provides Pamela Brockman with the necessary tools to dive deep into an individual or couples’ troubles, bring them to the surface and come up with a plan to conquer them. Get your life and relationships on the right track with the help of a true professional.

Are you having issues but don’t have a person that you can turn to?

Having Pamela Brockman in your corner is more powerful than any friend or relative, not only because she’s an educated professional, but she is a truly confident source to vent on. Instead of just pouring your heart and soul out to someone in your everyday life and making no progress, rely on Boulder, Colorado’s most dedicated psychotherapist, Pamela Brockman.

Has your marriage experienced a catastrophic blow and you don’t know where to go to start the repair process?

Pamela Brockman is a couples counselor, based in Boulder, CO. She has a very hands on approach to helping couples overcome adversity and get their relationship on a path for success. Even if you have gone through a traumatic event, marriage counseling can help strengthen your bond and give you valuable tools for a lifelong, successful relationship.

We provide the most reliable and effective psychotherapy, individual counseling, marriage and couples counseling and entire family counseling in Boulder, CO. Our commitment to enrich the lives of our clients and everyone they come in contact with has made us exactly who we are today. Call us today and see how we can help you make tomorrow a better day!

Guided Imagery and Counseling Services

Pamela Brockman’s services and guided imagery MP3s can help you lose weight, stop smoking, release fears and assist you to empower and energize your life. Find a new clarity that will empower your life with vitality. Be the best you every while you release old patterns of consciousness. Overcome procrastination and feel the success you deserve. Improve your relationship.

Now you can Listen
Being the Best Version of Yourself

Are you ready RIGHT NOW
to change your life in a way that is permanent and positive?

Get the guided imagery MP3
“Being the Best Version of Yourself”.

Create abundance
in your life.

Feel successful,
and learn to live your dreams.

Stop Smoking

No withdrawal, no craving, no weight gain using one of the most powerful methods available anywhere.

Release fears and phobias
and self-sabotage.

Unleash your real potential and learn to sleep better because you don’t worry anymore. You deserve it

Lose weight
and keep it off for good.

Using one of the most powerful, permanent and safe methods that has helped thousands of people worldwide. no pills, no shots, no pre-packaged foods, just permanent results.

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