9 Health Improvements of Quitting Smoking

Quitting Smoking Gives You these  9 Improvements in Your Health

Quitting smoking? Did you know…

  1. The very minute you quit, your overall health begins to improve?
  2. Just twenty minutes after you stop smoking, your heart rate and blood pressure become normal again?
  3. In only twelve hours after quitting, the carbon monoxide level in your blood returns to normal?
  4. Two weeks after you quit smoking, your circulation improves so that walking becomes easier?
  5. Three months later your lung function increases and you can enjoy breathing again?
  6. After one to nine months, coughing and shortness of breath decrease?
  7. In roughly one year – your stroke risk is the same as a non- smoker?
  8. Ten years after quitting – the death rate from lung and other cancers is about half that of a smoker
  9. After fifteen years of giving up smoking, your risk of heart disease is the same as a non- smoker?
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